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Amway stands behind the quality of Amway products and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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Amway Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Amway Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is valid only during the product’s keeping time and is applicable Ukraine.
If a customer is not completely satisfied with the product and has used less than 50% of the product’s quantity, he/she can return the product or the unused quantity as per the Return Instructions below.

The Amway Customer Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to:

  • products that have been used for purposes other than their intended purpose in normal domestic use;
  • products that have been intentionally damaged or misused;
  • Amway-distributed products which provide a specified time period for return.

Return Instructions

Customers return the products to their Amway Business Owner. The Amway Business Owner, as authorized by Amway, will offer the choice of: (a) replacement without charge; (b refund to the full value of the purchase price. 

If the customer is not able to contact the Amway Business Owner, he/she may contact the ABO Service Department: 87 Kazymyra Malevych str. (former 87 Bozhenka Str.), Kyiv 03150, Ukraine. Members should return products to Amway Ukraine Ltd.

Refund to the full value of the product’s purchase price can be performed only after this product has been returned to the company.

According to the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On fulfillment of certain provisions of the Law on Consumers Rights Protection” from 19 March 1994 №172, being of proper quality, such goods as underwear, hosiery and jewellery cannot be replaced (returned).

Manufacturer’s Warranty

If a manufacturer's warranty is applicable for any Amway-distributed products, then full details can be found with the product in the product packaging. These guarantees are applicable in Ukraine. Please contact your Amway Business Owner or Amway Ukraine for further details. All guarantees offered for products in this brochure are provided in addition to your statutory rights, which remain unaffected.

Please Note

Amway reserves the right to substitute a similar product of equal or higher value at no extra cost.

Ordering and Delivery

Your Amway Business Owner can help you determine the best way to order and receive the products featured in this brochure.