ARTISTRY Creme LuXury Eye

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ARTISTRY™ Creme LuXury Eye is a rich and luxurious moisturising cream that offers the latest technology using a blend of exclusive ingredients. It provides comprehensive 360° anti-aging eye treatment with a luxurious texture, upscale package, and transforming results.


This incredible fragrance-free eye cream has been specifically created to address the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes, helping it act up to 15 years younger. It provides the key to protecting the skin from the effects of ageing caused by environmental damage and daily stress, and has been created for women who desire the greatest benefits in a single, luxurious cream.


ARTISTRY Creme LuXury Eye has a unique formula that:

  • Nourishes and repairs the delicate skin around your eyes
  • Gives it a smoother, firmer appearance
  • Dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

As well as diminishing the effect of dark circles under the eyes and cutting puffiness, ARTISTRY TM Creme LuXury Eye:

  • Provides lasting hydration
  • Helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of ageing
  • Addresses both the external and internal signs of ageing
  • Helps skin act up to 15 years younger by encouraging the skin’s natural ability to repair the signs of damage.

It promotes renewed skin firmness and elasticity, instantly moisturises and provides an improved moisture barrier function, enhancing moisture retention, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at the same time.


Like ARTISTRY TM Creme LuXury Facial, the incredibly effective ARTISTRY TM Creme LuXury Eye, uses the special ARTISTRY CellEffect Technology based on exclusive ingredients:

  • Cardiolipin – a precious natural lipid similar to that found at the very heart of our skin cells. It helps repair the visible signs of ageing and re-energises your skin cells, boosting the ability of our skin to repair the signs of damage that ageing causes.
  • Roxisomes™ liposomes create a barrier against free radicals, reducing skin damage and increasing the skin's ability to visibly repair the signs of ageing.
  • NUTRILITE™ Spinach Extract and NUTRILITE L-Carnosine - both work to repair damaged skin cells and improve the skin's energy levels.
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom and Alfalfa Seed Extract are added to ARTISTRY Creme LuXury Eye to ease puffiness around the eye area.

Suggested usage

ARTISTRY Creme LuXury Eye can be effective for all skin types.Use the ARTISTRY Creme LuXury Eye twice a day, morning and night, as part of your normal beauty routine. 

ARTISTRY has developed a unique application ritual designed to provide the greatest benefits and ensure you achieve optimum results.

  1. ARTISTRY  Cleanser
  2. ARTISTRY  Toner
  3. ARTISTRY  Treatment, e.g. Intensive Skincare Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum
  4. ARTISTRY  Creme LuXury Eye and Facial moisturiser.

Using the ring finger, apply ARTISTRY Creme LuXury Eye to the whole eye area, using a gentle tapping motion, moving outward from the inside of the eye area.