Water Treatment Unit and Auxiliary Tap eSpring Water Treatment Unit and Auxiliary Tap eSpring
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Water Treatment Unit and Auxiliary Tap eSpring

SKU: 100189| Size: 32,7 cm х 17,8 cm
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The eSpring Water Treatment System is the first point use treatment system to combine a patented combination of carbon block and UV lamp technologies coupled with advanced electronic monitoring. The carbon filter reduces particulates and more than 140 potential contaminants; UV light destroys more than 99.99% of waterborne micro-organisms, and the electronic monitoring system lets users know when it's time for a cartridge replacement. It is the combination of these technologies that makes our system so unique.

Effectively removes more than 140 contaminants, including lead and mercury (more than any other carbon-based system) and reduces particulates as small as 0.2 microns. Improves water taste, odour, and clarity. Destroys more than 99.99% of disease-causing waterborne bacteria and viruses to further improve water quality and safety. - Independent, third party confirmation from one of the world's leading experts on water treatment; provides the highest level of credibility for eSpring performance claims to enhance peace of mind.
Takes up less space for greater convenience; stylish appearance increases product appeal. 
Great convenience with fewer cartridge changes; greater value with lower overall cartridge change costs, and lower cost per litre. Tracks both time and litres used to provide consumers with accurate indication of remaining filter life and peace of mind; system automatically
resets itself after filter replacement.
Reliable operation; eliminating protruding electrical connection makes the cartridge durable and easy to install or remove.  Uses easy-to-understand icons/graphics to display remaining filter life and system status.
Installation flexibility allows the unit to be placed in the most convenient location. Allows consumers to easily replace if necessary via call to Technical Hotline. No special tools needed. Tubing can be cut to match need of installation. Compact unit easily attaches to most taps. Warranty provides peace of mind. Allows shipment of unit with carbon/UV filter already in place; reduces package size and packaging materials. Covered by 7 U.S. patents with others pending.

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