Espresso Coffee AMWAY™Espresso Coffee AMWAY™
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Espresso Coffee AMWAY™

SKU: 100209| Size: 4 x 250 g
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A good espresso extraction should take only 15-20 seconds in an espresso machine, where hot water is forced over the finely-ground coffee at high pressure. Espresso is not just strong coffee, but a unique taste and flavour.

The beans for this specially-prepared coffee are espresso roasted and it takes more than 40 coffee beans to make one cup of espresso coffee.

The resale of the product must adhere to the storage, transportation and sale conditions in accordance with the requirements of current legislation and manufacturer requirements (indicated on the label).

Rules for food and beverages resale

  • Espresso is a speciality coffee
  • Espresso has a finer grind
  • Consistent thickness and quick brewing time
  • Use as a base for many coffee treats – cappuccino, latte, mocha and more.

100% arabica coffee 


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