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    The NUTRILITE DOUBLE X Multivitamin / Multimineral / Phytonutrient Food Supplement speaks the language of life with its fresh, herbal aroma and natural appeal. Inside, nature’s forces are unleashed with essential vitamins and minerals and powerful phytonutrients from the concentrates of 23 fruits, vegetable and other plants. Essential vitamins, minerals and concentrates in DOUBLE X have a combined effect in assisting the normal immune functions, bone health, brain functions; providing antioxidant protection and supporting healthy cells as well as the general body health. Taken twice a day it maintains the optimal level of nutrients in the blood during the day, while the wide specter of phytonutrients is mostly considered to contribute to the general vitality of the body. Ideally designed for people who lead dynamic lives and who are not sure about the nutritive content of the food they are taking because of its questionable freshness, for those trying to control their weight, those interested in healthy aging, those under increased physical strain, and for those whose intake of fresh fruit and vegetables is insufficient.  

    Nutritional value and the energy content (calorie) per 2 vitamin tablet, 2 mineral tablets, 2 phytonutrients tablets (daily dose): protein <0.5 g, fat <0.5 g, carbohydrates <1 g, 7 kcal (28 kJ).

    Vitamins in 2 tablets  
    Beta-carotene   48 mg
    Vitamin A   800 mcg RE
    Vitamin D   5 mcg
    Vitamin E   10 mg α-TE
    Vitamin B1  14 mg
    Vitamin B2   16 mg
    Niacin   18 mg NE
    Pantothenic acid   6 mg
    Vitamin B6 2 mg
    Folic acid   200 mcg
    Vitamin B12   1 mg
    Biotin 150 mcg
    Vitamin C   60 mg
    Minerals in 2 tablets  
    Calcium  800 mg
    Magnesium  300 mg
    Iron   10 mg
    Copper   1 mg
    Iodine  150 mcg
    Zinc   15 mg
    Manganese   1 mg
    Selenium   55 mcg
    Chrome   40 mcg
    Molybdenum   50 g
    Phytonutrients in 2 tablets  
    Lutein  1 mg
    Lycopene  1 mg

    This product comes in 3-tablet form – vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients – all in one package. Take one tablet from each group - vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients - every morning and every night (with meals).

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