Chewable Fiber Tablet, 30 ct (Fiber blend) NUTRILITE Chewable Fiber Tablet, 30 ct (Fiber blend) NUTRILITE
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Chewable Fiber Tablet, 30 ct (Fiber blend) NUTRILITE

SKU: 104283| Size: 30 tablets
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NUTRILITE Chewable Fibre Blend is a fibre supplement in a convenient chewable tablet form. Vertically integrated natural fibre ingredients sweetened naturally with fructose, offering a premium, effective, and convenient fibre source.

It is recommended that anyone over the age of six should get between twenty-five to thirty grams of fibre every day.
Chewable Fibre Blend offers an incredibly complicated but convenient blend of soluble and insoluble fibres. Fibres in general are important for a healthy digestive system.
Each Chewable Fibre Blend tablet contains dietary fibres from 13 different raw materials, such as fructooligosaccharides and fibres from acacia, sugarcane, oats, acerola cherries, wheat, lemons, soy, cactus, pear, apples, peas, barley, and carrots.

The primary benefit of insoluble fibres is to promote regularity. Some soluble fibres, such as FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) function as prebiotics and are beneficial to intestinal flora.

Nutritional value 

Per1 tablet

Per3 tablets

Energy value

46.8 kJ (11 kcal) 

140 kJ(34 kcal)


<0.1 g

0.1 g


1 g

3 g


<0.1 g

0.2 g

Soluble fiber

0.95 g

2.85 g

Insoluble fiber

0.75 g

2.25 g

Overall fiber

1.7 g

5.1 g

Ingredients (per 1 tablet): fruitoligosaccharides (953 mg), fructose (491 mg), fiber from sugar cane (258 mg), oat fiber (129 mg), powder acerola (95 mg), wheat fiber (86 mg), lemon fiber (69 mg), soy fiber (69 mg), fiber from cactus prickly pear (60 mg), apple fiber (43 mg), pea fiber (43 mg), barley bran (43 mg), carrot (43 mg); Excipients: gum Arabic (E414), microcrystalline cellulose (E460), natural flavor, magnesium stearate (E470), silicon dioxide (E551), maize starch.

This product is recommended for adults and children aged six years or older. Chew one tablet three times per day. Drink at least a full glass (250ml) of liquid with each tablet.

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