Mineral Sticks Zinc AMWAY Mineral Sticks Zinc AMWAY
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Mineral Sticks Zinc AMWAY

SKU: 116982| Size: 30 sachets á 1.5g
    • Retail price: 563.58 грн

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    AMWAY Mineral Sticks Zinc are also ideal for those who are pregnant or breast-feeding as well as vegetarians or those who simply wish to maintain an active lifestyle. 

    • available in handy sachets, each containing the recommended daily dose of 10mg of zinc
    • each pack of Mineral Sticks Zinc contains 30 sachets
    • available in tangy orange or lemon flavour.
    • your daily dose of zinc can be taken without water; ideal for those on the go!
    • zinc is vital for strengthening the immune system and renewing skin, hair and nails
    • the measured dose contained in each mineral stick ensures you receive the ideal daily amount of zinc
    • easy to swallow for those who have a problem taking normal pills.

    Nutritional value

    Per1 stick (1,5 g)

    Per100 g

    Energy value

    4 kcal(13 kJ)

    242 kcal(1014 kJ)


    0.002 g

    0.1 g


    0 g

    0 g


    1.39 g

    92,7 g




    Average dose of ZINC 

    In a daily dose (1 pack) / 10 mg 

    100% RDA*

    * % Recommended daily allowance

    Ingredients (in 1 stick, 1.5 g): zinc citrate (31.4 mg), flavor (15 mg); Excipients: sorbitol (E420), citric acid (E330); silicon dioxide (E551), magnesium salts of fatty acids (E470b), sweetener: sucralose (E955).

    Take one AMWAY Mineral Sticks Zinc daily.


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