Power System Sample Cards ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE™
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Power System Sample Cards ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE™

SKU: 118899| Size: box of 5 sample cards
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    Say goodbye to dark spots and discoloration – that’s the message to take to your clients and prospects when you introduce the powerful, yet gentle, ARTISTRYIDEAL RADIANCE skincare system with these stunning sample cards.

    Each sample card contains samples of Illuminating Essence, Spot Corrector and Illuminating Moisture Cream. Used together as part of the ARTISTRYIDEAL RADIANCE Power System, benefits are maximised, dark spots and discoloration are reduced, and a radiant, even skin tone is revealed.

    From a rapid hydration boost, to the improved translucency of skin that comes with continued use, the ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Collection provides the potential for short- and long-term opportunities to increase sales. And because benefits can be seen in as little as seven days, these sample cards provide a perfect opportunity to agree a swift follow-up visit.

    • Three core products from the ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE range. Each sample card contains three of the core products from the ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE skincare system, meaning there is no better way to quickly, effectively and generously introduce this radiant new world of skincare to your clients.
    • Five sample cards. Treat up to 5 of your favourite clients, prospects, family members or friends to the gift of radiance.
    • ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE as part of the ARTISTRY FORWARD BEAUTY vision. The sample cards provide information on how the three featured products can be used as part of a regime that includes other products from the different ARTISTRY skincare systems.
    • Rapid results for shortened sales cycles. Products such as Illuminating Essence deliver benefits in just minutes, giving you the chance to wow your client and secure sales on the spot or arrange a swift follow-up visit.
    • Stylish samples mean soaring sales. Stylishly presented and evoking the translucency of glowing skin, these sample cards have a gift-like feel. Present them to your valued clients and prospects alike and watch your sales soar.
    • Increased up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. The sample cards feature information on how to combine the ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE products with products from other ARTISTRY skincare systems, providing you with a variety of angles to increase sales.

    The ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Power System sample cards provide an introduction to the benefits of using these core products together. For maximum benefit, clients should use the samples in the following order:

    • ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Illuminating Essence
      Pump 2-3 times into your palm then, using fingertips, gently smooth Illuminating Essence over face and neck.
      Apply to fingertips and then massage gently onto dark spots, freckles and discolorations. Use after Illuminating Essence and follow with Illuminating Moisture Cream.
    • ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Illuminating Moisture Cream
      Apply to fingertips and then smooth over face and neck. Use after Spot Corrector.


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