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Dobrovol'skaya Anna, 27 years old. Working in the field of private enterprise with 18 let.Developed several business projects with succsess. Unused established a company in the direction of the photographic industry, which has become a three-year leader in the Ukrainian market. For more than five years developing international business in several countries. Professional speaker, master of successful negotiation. Member of trainings and seminars in Hungary, Slovenia, Russia and Ukraine. Successful woman, a loving wife and mother of two children. The question "how do you balance family and business projects," she has one answer: "Family - the most valuable and the work - this is the style of my life!" Also Anna engaged in consulting and coaching for companies actively developing and implementing anti-crisis program for projects who has already lost relevance. The main priorities in the life of Anna - family, health, freedom and success! The most promising and profitable business, according to Anne - partnership with Amway! Anna is proud of being a partner with such a company! Developing its business in a professional manner and helping others succeed!
"I invite you to join our leaders team. I would be glad to mutual cooperation and achieve great results!"

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