We invite you to take part in Amway Volunteering Day – 2015!

Amway Ukraine invites you to participate in the project "Amway Volunteering Day 2015" and conduct educational interactive lesson on the theme of healthy diet and active lifestyle for children at the age 7-10 years.

Balanced diet and sport are key factors of health and wellness. Compliance of healthy lifestyle from an early age helps to build a strong and successful person who will be able to achieve great results in adult life.

Our goal is to explain children what products and foods are really useful and harmless to health and how is important sport for good health. At the same time we aim to motivate them to be active and have balanced lifestyle, forming a holistic understanding of what impact do these elements have on people and their capabilities.

By registering for participation in Amway Volunteering Day, which will be held from 3rd to 5th December 2015, you will be able to receive e-learning materials and the scenario of interactive lesson in the secondary school or boarding school, chosen by you, thus joining thousands initiative of your colleagues from different countries.

During the lessons communication with children will be conducted in interactive form: a variety of games and competitions, including the collection of useful diet from providing products, testing food blindly, joint preparation of healthy meals, etc. This approach will provide fun and interesting pastime for both audience and lecturers!

FIVE STEPS to participate in Amway Volunteering Day – 2015:

  1. Agree with the school administration to conduct lessons in YOUR city. Choosing an educational institution for the project is carried out by your initiative on the basis of personal agreements with the administration of the institution.
  2. For consideration of your candidacy as a participant in the project you should fill in registration form till 30th November, 2015 by the link
  3. Receive a ready scenario of interactive lesson on 30th November, 2015 and take part in the preparatory interactive training (date and time will be additionally announced to registered participants).
  4. Conduct an interactive lesson with children between 3rd and 5th December, 2015.
  5. Inform us about your experience and results in the form of worksheet and photo report till 7th December, 2015.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: amwaypr.ua@amway.com