We invite you to take part in Amway Volunteering Day 2017!

Amway Ukraine invites you to participate in the project Amway Volunteering Day 2017. By the established tradition, you will be able to conduct educational interactive lesson for schoolchildren on the topic of healthy lifestyles and/or the basics of entrepreneurship, so that from an early age children can accustom to lead a healthy lifestyle, and be inspired with the desire to realize themselves in the future.

Amway organizes Amway Volunteering Day 2017 since 2013 year. During this time, 654 ABO’s took part in educational events for children and conducted trainings for 11,051 children in dozens of regions throughout Ukraine.

The idea of an interactive training on healthy lifestyle is to explain children at the age 7-10 years in easy way, which food is useful, and which one should be abandoned and why is important to eat balanced dishes, wash hands and go in for sports.

On the lessons on the basics of entrepreneurship for schoolchildren at the age 10-14 years old, you can help children get acquainted with the basics of entrepreneurship, share personal experience of doing business, tell that work can bring not only income but also pleasure, explain to teenagers what the advantage opens after starting own business and how important is to believe in yourself to realize your potential.

By registering for participation in Amway Volunteering Day, which will be held from December 5th to 19th 2017, you will be able to receive electronic methodological materials and a scenario for conducting the lesson on one of the two proposed topics in the secondary school or boarding school, chosen by you.

Various games and competitions, including the collection of a useful diet from the provided products, the joint preparation of healthy dishes; creation a portrait of an entrepreneur, getting acquainted with the concept of "business plan" and other – classes will be conducted exceptionally in an interactive form. This approach will provide fun and interesting pastime for both children and you as volunteer- trainer.

FIVE STEPS to participate in Amway Volunteering Day 2017:

  1. Agree with the school administration to conduct lessons in your city. Choosing an educational institution for the project is carried out by your initiative on the basis of personal agreements with the administration of the institution.
  2. Register in the project, filling out the application before December 14th, 2017, via the link:
  3. Receive a ready scenario of interactive lesson on theme, that you chose within 10 days after registration and take part in the preparatory interactive training (date and time will be additionally sent to registered participants).
  4. Conduct an interactive lesson with children between 5th and 19th December, 2017.
  5. Inform us about your experience and results in the form of questionnaire and photo report till December 22nd, 2017.

Join the project to continue the tradition of volunteering on the eve of the International Volunteer Day of the United Nations and St. Nicholas Day!